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It’s insurance nerd day!

It’s insurance nerd day! So our insurance nerd, Craig Bryce, takes a look at what’s adding value in the protection industry.

81% of Brits have no income protection in place! According to the latest State of the protection Nation report from Royal London, Britain is incredibly underprepared in the event of long-term sickness, accident or ill health.

But, as you are probably aware, income protection is now much more than just income protection. It can actually help prevent long-term sickness or injury, as well as get people back to work quicker should they have had time off. Many policies have additional benefits that people may be unaware of, and it’s our job to make them aware.

If someone’s ill but it’s not serious enough to stop them working, or someone has a sore back but can’t afford the physio, or even if someone’s had time off work but needs career counselling some income protection providers can help. Additional benefits of income protection include, among other things, physiotherapy and doctor’s appointments.

Some providers offer these benefits at any point in the policy lifetime. This means if someone is suffering from an injury or illness – that might not be severe enough for a claim – they would still be able to benefit. If someone needs physio or a doctor’s appointment to prevent their condition worsening, that’s okay, they’re covered.

This could ensure an injury or illness doesn’t progress into something severe enough to need time off work. And in a time where Brits are finding it increasingly difficult to get an appointment with the GP, these additional benefits are adding real value.

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Mortgage Intelligence partners with Berkeley Alexander

Mortgage Intelligence has selected general insurance provider Berkeley Alexander to offer its services to its network members.

The deal will give the network’s ARs access to a broader range of general insurance products and a new introduction service on standard, non-standard and commercial policies.

Berkeley Alexander will join forces with Paymentshield to work closely with Mortgage Intelligence to ensure a seamless general insurance proposition for the network’s advisers. This will provide cover for standard risks and non-standard household insurance, landlord buy-to-let and commercial risks.

Sally Laker, managing director, Mortgage Intelligence, said: “Berkeley Alexander have access to an impressive range of products from a host of leading insurers on their panel, and they have expertise in niche sectors for those more ‘difficult to place’ risks.

“This, together with an excellent referral service which allows intermediaries to still receive a competitive commission even if not placing the business directly, makes them an excellent partner for our members as they look to grow their business in an ever increasingly competitive market.”

Berkeley Alexander has worked with Mortgage Intelligence since 2012, providing niche and non-standard general insurance services to various parts of the network, and this latest service launch represents a further strengthening of the partnership.

Geoff Hall, managing director at Berkeley Alexander, said: “We’re delighted to be expanding our relationship with Mortgage Intelligence.  We offer a large panel in both standard and non-standard markets.

“What really makes us stand out from the crowd though, and the reason why we can add real value to ARs, is our unique ability to combine both swift and efficient online distribution with the traditional approach of speaking directly to insurers to ensure we get the very best cover for even the most complex or unusual risks at the most competitive premium.

“We look forward to working with Mortgage Intelligence members to help them deliver added value for their clients.”