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Mental Health Protection – Angela’s Advice

Mental health has become an ever-increasing topic of conversation in recent years. The mentally straining lockdowns seen nationwide over the last 18 months have had a real affect on people. The true hardships of mental health issues are beginning to be more commonly understood and openly spoken about as the subject becomes rightfully less taboo,

Free cover: the moment of truth

Free cover during application or underwriting is something that most providers offer for life, critical illness and income protection policies. But this feature often goes unappreciated, with many clients and advisers not realising just how beneficial free cover can be. So, we asked our head of protection, Angela Davidson, to share her memory of a

Angela’s top tips for talking protection

We’re big fans of protection tips here at MI, and we hope you are too; protection is the best way for advisers to safeguard their customers and themselves against life’s less welcome surprises. Over the past year, we’ve seen challenges to our nation’s physical, mental and financial health, all of which are issues that protection