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Looking ahead to 2019. The importance of having a strategy!

2019 – the start of a new year, new plans and a new strategy! There are plenty of opportunities that lie ahead this year and Sally Laker, Managing Director at Mortgage Intelligence, highlights the importance of having a strategy. Having a clear ambitious but also achievable strategy is essential for every successful business. So here

Sally Says: Potential Property Hijack

Managing Director Sally Laker looks at a recent scenario that highlights the importance of communication and case checking in the property chain.

Mortgage Intelligence Industry Update: Insurance Tax Premium Increase

Sally Laker looks at how insurers’ recent hard work could be undone if they pass on the Chancellor’s premium tax increase to consumers

Mortgage Intelligence Industry Insight: I’m Not a Robot

Sally Laker highlights the importance of maintaining a balance between embracing new technologies and investing in the right people to support both appointed representatives and directly authorised advisers.

Why is the right culture important?

Sally looks at the lessons we can take from the surprising General Election result and why setting the right culture is essential in business as well as politics.