Sam Clowsley

The Business Assurance Team’s top 5 tips to improve case quality

Business Assurance is a vital part of your business and improving case quality can be very beneficial. Business Assurance Supervisor at Mortgage Intelligence, Sam Clowsey, has started off 2019 by sharing his top five tips to improve your case quality.

1. Note down anything useful

Make notes on anything that is considered pertinent to the case. Commenting on criteria or customer circumstance is particularly useful to an assessor.

2. Ensure everything is up to date

Where there has been a delay in submission, request up to date bank statements and payslips.

3. Inspect bank statements

Inspect bank statements to identify additional current accounts and financial commitments. All active credit must be recorded in the fact find or commented on if recently cleared.

4. Explain why your recommendation is suitable

Ensure the justification in the Reason Why Letter clearly explains why a recommendation is suitable to a customer’s requirements. High level or generic explanations are not considered appropriate.

5. Check the documents

Check documents to ensure that they have been copied in full. New copies will be required where parts of passports or payslips are ‘cut off’. Bank statements should be consecutive and where applicable, both sides of the document must be scanned.

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