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60 seconds with … Commissions Supervisor Louise Clarke

We spoke to Commissions Supervisor Louise Clarke about how the team have improved the payments process over the last year, as well as her favourite TV show and dream holiday!

After previously working as a Beauty Therapist and at JP Morgan, Louise joined the company back in 2010. Soon after joining the Commissions Team, Louise became a Senior Administrator, before taking over the supervision of the team.

How has the Commissions Team managed to improve their efficiency by so much in the last year?

“Everyone on the commissions team has pulled together to share ideas on how we can make the whole process better. We wanted to make the whole team and its processes more effective in terms of speed, whilst maintaining the very high level of accuracy we are so proud of.

“We have worked with IT on improving the systems in 2017, which has both streamlined the commissions process and made it easier for us to spot any issues that may crop up on statements. All this has enabled us to consistently hit our service standards for express payments within the deadlines.”

How has the automation of so much commissions processing actually improved the service quality?

“We have worked with lenders and providers to ensure as many statements as possible can be processed through our automated payments system. This means that we have now been able to put even more focus on the validation of statements and the analysis of the payments themselves.

“All this ensures that although we now process at least double the amount of commissions from the year before, we can now also ensure that even more controls and checks are put in place so that the payments made to advisers are what they should be getting.”

What’s one of your favourite things about being Commissions Supervisor?

“I am constantly looking for ways to improve the team even further, so I ensure I am still fully involved in the daily duties. This means I am able to understand exactly where we could still do better in terms of systems, processes and customer service.”

Even though you were lucky enough to recently have gone on honeymoon to Venice, do you still have a dream holiday destination?

“If we can ever find the time to fit it in, my husband and I would love to go to Thailand and destination hop around South East Asia!”

I can’t help but overhear how much you keep on track of your TV shows! What’s your current favourite?

“Until the next series of Game of Thrones starts I will have to say The Walking Dead or I’m a Celebrity (Toff was a worthy winner by the way!). I am also loving Peaky Blinders at the moment, but any boxset is good for a binge watch for me!

What’s your favourite place to eat in Bournemouth?

“It would have to be Funky Griller for decent food, atmosphere and value for money. Everyone loves a good steak!”

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