Mortgage Intelligence Protection Update: Meet the Spencer Family

Head of Mortgages and Insurance Stephanie Charman takes a look how AIG’s Spencer Family can help advisers talk to clients about protection.

Protection provider AIG Life has announced the launch of a fictitious family called ‘The Spencers’. It seems case studies and real life scenarios are currently very effective in helping advisers talk to clients about the benefits of cover, which is why AIG have created The Spencer Family. Spanning a full four decades, this relatable family will help advisers further illustrate how AIG protection policies affect people of all ages.

AIG want to begin 2017 with a new way to explain how their protection products can benefit the lives of ordinary people and their loved ones. The extensive family covers 1,219 years’ worth of lives, to demonstrate AIG propositions and how they help people facing difficult economic and medical circumstances.

Consisting of 33 members, the Spencers will bring to life the real uses of protection products. AIG intend to make the family members a big part of their campaigns in 2017, as well as some of their literature throughout the year. The family will be used to highlight protection topics such as care needs and children’s critical illness cover.

In an under-insured nation, we embrace any way that helps you show why protection is such a good idea. If you would like to know more about how to join our award-winning Mortgage Network as an appointed representative or becoming a member of our Mortgage Club, call our Broker Support Team on 0845 130 7446, option 1.

If you want to find out more about who the Spencer Family are, visit the AIG page to discover a fresh way to ensure your clients understand how AIG products can benefit and aid them.

“As an ambitious network, we are always looking to expand propositions and introduce new products and services that will benefit our brokers”