Mortgage Intelligence Update: 60 Seconds with Senior Marketing Executive Danielle Brodie

Sharon spoke to protégé Danielle about the fantastic evolution of the adviser marketing services at Mortgage Intelligence and Next Intelligence, as well as discussing her choice of office attire…

Danielle supervises the marketing team and organises adviser marketing services and communications. She also supports live events, including workshops, webinars and our annual conference.

After graduating from Birmingham City University, Danielle worked as a Digital Content Editor and a Content Publisher before joining Mortgage Intelligence. Bringing new ideas, marketing experience and software skills to the team, Danielle’s presence has been invaluable in upgrading the marketing services in the last 12 months.

How do you feel the marketing services we provide have improved over the last year?

“The biggest thing has to be the promotional marketing materials. Not only have they transformed the offices of adviser firms, they have also changed the way advisers interact with clients and diversify potential demographics.

“Insight, our adviser magazine, has also come a long way in the last year. We have changed the design, the feel and expanded the content. This means that we not only deliver informative stories, but offer tips, advice and updates on what we can provide advisers.

“One of the most important marketing tools at the moment is the consumer newsletter service, which our appointed representatives get for free. These are really good for staying in touch with clients, as well as being great touchpoints for advisers. The take up this year has been fantastic, and many advisers have received leads straight off the back of the service.”

How have our events been received by advisers in 2017?

“We have had such amazing feedback from both sponsors and delegates on this year’s conference. This was our biggest and best yet and so many advisers appreciated the individual time we afford to them to talk to lenders, providers and other partners.

“There have been plenty of firsts for events, such as the protection and buy to let workshops, not to mention our specialist lender event in June. We are always trying to stay flexible to keep our events as useful and relevant as we can for advisers to network, learn and train.”

What do you enjoy the most about your role?

“There is a genuinely infectious culture within Mortgage Intelligence of always improving what we deliver to advisers. This starts from Sally all the way down, which means my voice is always heard if I have a suggestion as to how the marketing support can be improved even further.

“Our Sales and Marketing survey launched in May has already influenced the decisions we make and the services we provide. I enjoy that we all take pride in listening to advisers, as well as delivering what we think can provide the best possible network or club experience.”

On a more personal note, exactly how many necklaces do you own?

“I wonder why you ask that question?! Yes I do have a bit of a collection and I have to admit I lost count a long time ago. In fact, choosing which necklace to wear in the morning is one of the hardest decisions of the day!”

As one of many “foodies” in the office, what is your favourite home cooked meal?

“As a vegetarian I am always looking for new and interesting ways to cook vegetables. At the moment, I am absolutely loving baked aubergine Turkish style! But I also enjoy making a simple soup as well.”

What do you love the most about living in Bournemouth?

“As I live right in the town centre next to work, I love being able to stroll to the beach in five minutes. There are also a lot of restaurants, which means there are plenty of tasty options for fussy eaters like me!”

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“If it matters to you, it matters to us! Putting appointed representatives and directly authorised advisers and their customers first is our number one priority and at the heart of our business”