Head of Sales and Marketing Sharon Mawby rounds up another fantastic year of award-winning support and services for appointed representatives

What a year 2017 was! We have made plenty of great changes and expanded our services across all our departments. We have put a big focus on making things simple and useful, and adviser satisfaction and success has been our reward. We listen to the feedback of appointed representatives and respond to their needs, which means we always deliver the most useful and relevant services.

So what have we been doing for appointed representatives in 2017?

The Sales Team

The phones on the desk are always ringing with advisers looking for guidance and time-saving support. The Broker Support Team keep up to date on criteria, to help answer complicated questions regarding industry changes.

With many big industry moves and lenders added to panel in 2017, our experts on the desk have been receiving lender training all year round, and sit with lender representatives to work through criteria and USPs.

The Protection Helpdesk has been a big part of the protection success for advisers in 2017. Many appointed representatives find the time-saving initiatives provided by the desk simply invaluable. They call the underwriters to find the most accurate indication of terms, to save appointed representatives crucial time to spend with their clients.

Relationship Development Consultant Nicole Smith has been on hand to work with appointed representatives on building business and dealing with issues. Nicole troubleshoots problems, points advisers towards suitable services and supports recruitment and business development.

The Marketing Team

We launched a new suite of promotional materials at the start of 2017, and so many appointed representatives have embraced the new range. We have worked on bringing modern and relevant marketing options to advisers, such as posters and sales aids to use with clients. It’s so satisfying to see our new designs used everywhere from office windows to social media pages.

Plenty of appointed representatives have also been taking advantage of the fantastic free client newsletter service, which sends out three relevant stories directly to clients once a month. This now goes out to over 20,000 clients and appointed representatives often receive leads as a result.

Our free adviser magazine Insight has also been developed in 2017, to bring even more stories, interviews and adviser tips. After listening to appointed representative feedback, we also now offer the magazine as a digital download.

Commissions Team

The Commissions Team have been developing automation and processes to help deliver faster payments, whilst maintaining the highest level of accuracy. We know how important cash flow is for appointed representatives, and our express payment service is an essential part of that. We therefore ensure the entire team is well trained in processing all the different types of payments.

Working closely with the IT Team, the Commissions Team have transformed the way that statements are processed, to ensure an even more water-tight system. The Commissions Team never stop looking for innovative ways to ensure appointed representatives get their fees quickly, without deviating from our very high service standards.

Product Development Team

One of the busiest departments in 2017, the Product Development Team have been adding even more lenders and providers to panel. This includes mainstream and specialist lenders, to give appointed representatives plenty of options with which to help clients. The team has also developed a number of exclusives designed for the needs of appointed representatives and their clients.

With so many new additions to panel and industry changes, we knew how important this year’s events were going to be. That’s why the team have delivered plenty of webinars and workshops, as well as a brand new Specialist Lending Event, to ensure engaging and insightful support for appointed representatives.

After listening to appointed representative feedback and analysing the market, the protection panel proposition has also been refreshed. This includes the development and expansion of two new panels, and the implementation of protection portal software SolutionBuilder.

The IT Team

Working behind the scenes to bring the best technological solutions to appointed representatives, the IT Team have been developing several in-house systems and integrated a range of new software. The Team also work to help appointed representatives in their day to day business, by developing the adviser website Broker Zone, helping it run smoothly and work for appointed representatives at all times.

SolutionBuilder has also been developed to support client protection conversations. This new addition means that appointed representatives now have the ability to research, quote and compare protection needs. This has now been integrated with our point of sale system, and supports single and multi-benefited products.

The Business Assurance Team and Authorisations

The Business Assurance Team have continued to focus on case quality in 2017, by educating appointed representatives on systems and processes. Many appointed representatives were invited in to visit the office in 2017 and spend time with the team, to give them the opportunity to see a case being assessed from our perspective.

To continue to support case quality in 2017, the Business Assurance Team have launched a useful catalogue of videos, which show appointed representatives exactly what a case checker reviews on each section of an assessment.

The Business Assurance Team and Managers have been working closely to ensure a consistent message is delivered to appointed representatives. The Business Assurance Team are there to both protect and support advisers, and the team regularly consult with advisers on presenting cases and documentation requirements.

Authorisations has been moved back in-house, allowing more control on timescales and developing relationships with new appointed representatives coming on board. This has enabled them to work on the smooth transition from application to authorised adviser, and be the first port of call for appointed representatives when they join the Network.

The Compliance Team

The Compliance Team have been providing more than just telephone-based support for appointed representatives. They also write policies, processes and create material to promote positive consumer outcomes to further protect appointed representatives. The team also produce and control risk logs, implement FCA rule changes and deal with consumer complaints.

The team’s regular bulletins are a really important way to get messages through to advisers, as well as the Compliance Resources page on Broker Zone, which is always being updated to support appointed representatives on a daily basis. With many industry changes and new rules in 2017, the team have ensured they are getting the messages out to appointed representatives and keeping them updated.

Join our award-winning Mortgage Network as an appointed representative, or become a member of our Mortgage Club, to start benefiting from our fantastic range of comprehensive services and support. Call the Broker Support Team on 0845 130 7446 (opt 1) to find out more.