Press Office | September 29, 2023 | 3 min read

Mortgage Intelligence Announces Leadership Plans

After an impressive 27 years with Mortgage Intelligence, Sally Laker has decided to announce her plan to retire in 2024, handing over to John Cupis of Dynamo, John will become Managing Director on 1st January 2024.   

With her retirement date yet to be finalised, Sally will be supporting John and the team as Director throughout this transition, and continuing to support both their long standing, and growing, membership. 

Sally joined Mortgage Intelligence in 1996 as a start up with just 5 people, she became Director in 6 months and progressed to Managing Director within her first year. Last year, Mortgage Intelligence delivered £18bn in mortgages, driving £3.3m in profit.  

Commenting on her time with the business, Laker said, “I’m incredibly proud of my work with Mortgage Intelligence, female MDs in those days were few, in fact in the industry there were very few women in general, which at least meant everyone knew who I was.” 

“I have had an amazing time leading a business that has grown to be one of the leading mortgage networks and clubs in the UK.  I have a very strong team to take the business to the next level and feel this is the right time for me to begin to step back.”  

Sally will be handing over to John Cupis and added “I have every confidence in John and the management team to continue to support, develop and grow our broker firms in the months and years ahead.” 

John’s new appointment will be effective from 1st January 2024. He will look after both Dynamo and Mortgage Intelligence and the two will remain separate entities.  

Cupis said, “Having led several large mortgage clubs and networks in the past, I look forward to continuing the delivery of the exceptionally high standards set by Sally and the team. 

I will also continue to lead the highly successful Dynamo mortgage brokerage as a separate entity, and can see opportunities for both Dynamo and Mortgage Intelligence going forward.” 

Commenting on the upcoming changes, Adrian Scott, Connells Group Lender Services Managing Director said,  

“Sally has been, and will remain, a huge part of Mortgage Intelligence. Growing the business both organically, and by acquisition, her strategic vision has built a resilient, high-quality business comprising of 3 mortgage networks and a well-established mortgage club, Next Intelligence. 

A well respected leader and valued colleague Sally leaves a great legacy in the incredibly capable hands of John Cupis. Members can rest assured that Sally’s retirement will be transitional as she steps into the role of Director.”