Press Office | May 16, 2022 | 2 min read

Mortgage Intelligence in exciting partnership with Mortgage Brain to deliver a complete digital solution for advisers

Mortgage Intelligence has been working collaboratively with fintech giant Mortgage Brain for the past year on a transformative digital roadmap to set the standard in technology for financial advisers. The Bournemouth-based company is part of Connells Group, and has three AR networks and Next Intelligence DA mortgage club serving 4,500 members specialising in mortgages, protection and general insurance.

The first step in this co-ordinated approach will be the migration of all existing network members to the cloud-based sourcing system, Sourcing Brain. The transition to this new market-leading software will take place on 16th May 2022, with ongoing training and support available following the move.

This signals the first step in a longer journey to deliver a first-class user experience for advisers and their customers.

Sourcing Brain is the new and improved version of Mortgage Brain Anywhere, boasting improvements such as enhanced filtering, increased speed and usability, and integrated access to the new Hometrack AVM plugin.

The two companies’ vision to completely transform the digital process for advisers will be continued with the move to a next-level CRM system later this year, with advisers themselves consulted in the current development process.


Sally Laker, Managing Director of Mortgage Intelligence, comments: “This is an exciting step forward in terms of technology which our members have access to. Our mission is for our members to be ahead of the curve in terms of technology, which is why we’ve been working very closely with Mortgage Brain to ensure that this new system and future Mortgage Brain software creates a comprehensive one-stop solution for our members’ digital needs.”

Neil Wyatt, Sales & Marketing Director of Mortgage Brain, added: “Collaborating with Mortgage Intelligence, listening to broker feedback and analysing data insights has helped us to capture and refine the most efficient digital journey for brokers. Our roadmap for the next 12 months will provide advisers with the technology to help transform their business and we are excited that Sally and the team at Mortgage Intelligence are helping us shape the future.”