Sharon Mawby | April 20, 2021 | 3 min read

Talking protection in National Pet Month

Did you know April is officially National Pet Month? And it makes complete sense that, being the nation of pet lovers we are, the UK would have a month dedicated to celebrating our animal companions. In fact, in the protection industry, we’ve all heard just how much the UK loves their pets, even more so than themselves at times; adults in the UK are twice as likely to have pet insurance than critical illness cover or income protection. It’s a familiar statistic that we’ve heard for many years; however, how can advisers relate people’s love for their pets to insurance and help them appreciate the importance of protecting themselves too? Well, here are a few ideas:


Critical illness cover: are you as important as your pet?

If you ask your customer why they have pet insurance, they’ll likely reply with concerns about the cost of treatment should their animal amigo get ill or have an accident. This is a perfect time to then ask, what would happen if that very thing should happen to them personally? What would the impact be financially, as well as physically and mentally, should they become unwell and not be able to work? And if you read our last blog, featuring Angela’s top tips for talking protection, you’ll know that turning the tables and asking your customer a question rather than telling them what you think is highly effective. This could be a great way to start a conversation about critical illness cover.


Income protection: protect yourself to protect your pet

Similarly, if your customer had to stop working due to an illness or accident, how would they pay for pet insurance, as well as every other bill and expense? Income protection combined with critical illness cover or taken out separately would help keep their family (human and animal) looked after should anything happen to impact their work.


Home insurance: you protect your pets from accidents, do you protect against accidents they may cause?

Finally, paying for medical treatment should a pet be in an accident is a top reason why people fork out on pet insurance policies. However, have your customers considered how they would pay for an accident that damages their property or valuables? Replacing a smashed TV or redecorating after a flood could be a cost as eye-watering as rehabilitating a pet. As a result, contents insurance and accidental damage cover could suddenly become much more relatable and relevant for your customer. Although it is rarely covered as standard, some policies will offer enhanced cover for damage pets may cause to their owner’s home and valuables. So, it is worth mentioning this as an option to any house-proud husky owners you may come across (we’ve all seen the damage over-excited tail wagging can cause).


Adults in the UK are twice as likely to protect their pet than themselves and, although we’re animal lovers too here at MI, we know this needs to change; protecting people should have priority over protecting pets. If you’d like to discuss boosting your protection proposition, then speak to us today! We’d love to help you help your customers and offer everything from marketing materials to protection workshops. Email us at