Sharon Mawby | October 21, 2020 | 3 min read

The Mortgage Intelligence Podcast has launched!

Have you heard?

We have launched a brand-new podcast!

There is no denying that 2020 has seen the rise of the podcasts and we think our new release is sure to become a must-listen for advisers, lenders and anyone else interested in financial services. The Mortgage Intelligence Podcast will give you insights into the mortgage and protection industry by talking to the experts. From later life lending to current events to starting the protection conversation, we’ll be covering a wide range of topics and giving you the low down on each one.

How better to start our latest venture than a conversation with our managing director, Sally Laker? In the first episode we sat down with Sally and asked her questions sent in by members of our award-winning network and club, giving you the chance to benefit from her years of experience. It goes without saying that she didn’t disappoint. Because we’re just nice like that, we’ve included a sneak peek of one of the questions on the podcast for you to read:

Question: “There seems to have been little take up of RIO mortgages due to the restrictions on affordability criteria, particularly for joint applications. On the other hand, with increasing flexibility in Lifetime Mortgages and later life borrowing options, do you think that all of these will continue to play a part in the market, and if so, should lenders relax criteria to appeal to a wider market?”

Answer: “Yes, I do think that they’ll continue to play a part in the market, hence the addition of LiveMore Capital to our panel. There’s a number of products with later life, equity release, RIO and I do think that actually they’re all linked. And in the future, I think the concept needs to expand and end up offering a wider solution to families. I’m talking about intergenerational type mortgages. We’re not there yet, but ultimately it’s almost as though we need a revolution to bring these products together and make it easier to access and for customers to understand what that might bring to them…”

If that snippet has you intrigued and you’d like to hear what other words of wisdom Sally had to share, then head to Broker Zone to catch up. You’ll also be able to find the next episode there once it’s been released. Alternatively, if you aren’t a member of our award-winning mortgage network or club (although, why would you not be?) and you can’t access Broker Zone, just send us an email at We’re willing to share the love.