Sam Clowsley | February 23, 2021 | 2 min read

How to kick off 2021 with top case quality

We’re barely two months into 2021, so there is still plenty of time to start this year off on the right foot. Packaging cases to a high standard is key for keeping the mortgage application process efficient, as well as being an FCA requirement in many ways. So, we asked our quality experts, the MI Business Assurance Team, for their top three tips on how advisers can reach the highest standards.


1. Document the detail

Probably the single biggest step to improving case quality is to record, in detail, discussions between you and your customer. This makes a huge difference in making the situation much clearer to understand and gives a far better insight to customer circumstances than simply completing mandatory fields on a form. Providing detail on the customer’s requirements gives insight to the case and gives a checker a much better “feel” for the customer. Commenting on bank statement transactions and documenting background checks undertaken during the sales process, evidences that an appropriate review has been undertaken of the documentation and information you have been provided.


2. Tackle tricky cases together

Call someone to discuss unusual cases. There are many scenarios that are not straightforward where guidance can be provided by the Compliance Department, Business Assurance Team or your Business Assurance Manager. Their advice on the most appropriate action to take to document a case or collect additional information to support the recommendation can be invaluable and save you both time and worry.


3. Make the materials work for you

Here at Mortgage Intelligence, we take responsibility for our Network members’ compliance.  Our service includes template wording for appointed representatives to use. However, this wording provided by the Compliance Department is there to be customised. Tailoring materials such as the Reasons Why Letter to your customer not only personalises it, but it will also naturally draw out information about their circumstances that will help justify your recommendation.


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