Marketing tips for mortgage and protection advisers

With 2019 just around the corner there’s no better time to start planning your marketing strategy and improve the way you do things. Our Senior Marketing Executive, Nick Terry, gives you his top five marketing tips to make your goals more achievable.

Know your audience

For me, my first marketing tip for advisers, or any business, is to know your audience and know where their attention is. You must recognise which platforms your customers and potential customers engage with but also find out what questions they’re asking, then you can try to answer those questions.

Add value with content

Producing regular content through a website or blog is a great way to grow your brand but it’s important to get this right. With your content you don’t want to oversell your business but rather give away your knowledge for free. Adding this value in advance means that people will trust you and think you’re credible.

I know that as brokers you’re busy and often don’t have the time to write your own content, which is why at Mortgage Intelligence we have articles ready to be downloaded and used. Just log in to Broker Zone and go to Services > Marketing > Content Marketing.

Don’t neglect existing customers

As advisers you may already have a big client bank. It’s always important that you make sure you don’t neglect your existing customers while chasing new ones – be sure to check in every so often with your existing customers to see if their circumstances have changed or to see if you can help them in any way.

Tell stories

People react to people. A big part of your marketing approach these days should be focused on demonstrating the successes of your clients. Call it a case study or a testimonial, but essentially, you’re telling a story, and in the process making your business relatable to a potential customer. For example, instead of a couple posting a photo of the inside of their new house in celebration of completing on a mortgage, a more powerful photo would be for them to take a selfie of themselves in the house. This way when you’re viewing the photo you’re already starting to create a story for them in your head, making the imagery more engaging.

Reviews and Feedback

One of the key things that can really help your marketing strategy is by getting feedback and reviews. Many potential customers now read online reviews that can heavily impact their buying decisions. Asking every customer to leave a review on google or your website (asking face to face always works best!) should slowly build up your reviews for new potential customers to read. This process, linking back to my first point, will also allow you get to know your customer better and what questions they’re asking!

We have many services available on Broker Zone to help you with your marketing proposition from content that will add value to promotional materials, all signed off by compliance and ready to use. Give our fantastic marketing team an email if you would like some more information

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"I relish talking with advisers about how to improve their marketing activity. A quality service from us to advisers means a quality service from advisers to clients - and that's what we're all aiming for!"