Sharon Mawby

Mortgage Intelligence Insight: 5 Marketing Trends for Advisers in 2017

Head of Sales and Marketing Sharon Mawby takes a look at five marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2017.

1: Social realism

Sharing stories and pictures of real people, in real situations. It’s a simple idea, but designing creatives using people that truly reflect reality, is a powerful marketing tool in both modern advertising and lead generation.

Celebrity endorsements no longer have the pull they once had. That’s why many marketers in the industry are moving to a more grounded and relatable form of advertising.

Therefore, to keep up with current marketing trends we are redesigning all the marketing collateral available to Mortgage Intelligence advisers. The new designs will be modernised and focus on using imagery of real and relatable people.

2: CRM

Good customer relationship management (CRM) is critical to reach the right people, with the right content, at the right time. It can be a challenge, but getting close to the customer using relevant content will increase trust and brand loyalty.

But there can often be a thin line between “helpful info” and “sales-pitch”, which is why 2017 will see many sharpening their CRM tools to get their marketing right.

This means it will be crucial for advisers to use their point of sale systems to review clients and contact them at appropriate times. This can help advisers return to clients who declined protection and prompt remortgage opportunities.

3: Newsletters

Client newsletters provide an important touchpoint in B2C and B2B email marketing. According to experts, 2017 is a good year to launch a client newsletter, as email open rates are generally increasing.

It’s hard to believe that just a couple of years ago some were predicting email was facing a decline. It seems that offering free and relevant content in exchange for potential business is still a fair trade.

Appointed representatives of our network have access to a free monthly newsletter service. This marketing tool provides advisers with a branded email newsletter that contains three relevant and compliant articles each month. We send out the newsletter directly to the clients on behalf of the adviser.

4: Social media

In the congested world of social media, standing out from the crowd is one of the biggest challenges today. But marketers are still keen to take advantage of the potential exposure, with many looking to expand their social media presence in 2017.

Having a good plan and clear goals will help ensure a return on investment. It’s also important that advertisements and creatives are optimised for all the different devices available today.

In 2017 new marketing collateral for advisers will be available that can be used on social media. The new collateral will help capture the attention of our scrolling nation.

5: Niche targeting

The number of available consumers has been far outpaced by the millions of new businesses that now engage with their audiences online. This crowded digital space has made competition for marketers really tough.

Experts suggest that 2017 could see more marketers targeting niche audiences and tackling specific topics out of necessity. Not only can this narrow the field of play, but can also produce a more healthy return on investment.

This means that 2017 may be an opportune year for advisers to increase their engagement with the trickier cases that other firms may avoid tackling. Recently we have worked hard to expand our panel to encompass more specialist lenders that deliver solutions for those with more complex borrowing scenarios.

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Mortgage Intelligence Update: 60 Seconds with Product Development Manager Nathan Reilly

Sharon spoke to recently-appointed Product Development Manager Nathan Reilly about his role, his background and what it feels like to be one of the key team members of Mortgage Intelligence.

Since joining as a Marketing Assistant at Mortgage Intelligence in 2014, Nathan has quickly progressed within the company, holding positions as Marketing Executive and Product Development Coordinator, before becoming Product Development Manager earlier this year.

Receiving a first-class marketing degree from Chichester University, Nathan’s first step into the industry was through a leading lender as a Customer Service Adviser. Fully CeMAP qualified, Nathan brings not just knowledge, but a real enthusiasm for developing relationships and products with lenders, providers and other partners.

What exactly does your role entail and how do you help advisers through lender relationships?

“A key part of my role is building and nurturing relationships with lenders, providers and other partners. This means that as a Network and Mortgage Club we are always aware of the latest developments from across the industry, and in turn, considering the next potential opportunity.

“The relationships we have with our partners are ultimately in place to make sure our advisers receive the highest level of service and support, so another important part of my role is regularly sharing any adviser feedback I receive.”

Which aspect of your role are you enjoying the most so far?

“I love the variation and no two days are ever the same! I spend a lot of the time thinking on my feet as I look for ways to maximise broker value. This can include identifying which product criteria adjustments and special features will help our advisers the most. I spend time communicating with lenders and providers through different mediums, working with them on the right approach to ensure our advisers are looked after first.”

What changes do you think we might see in the lending space over the rest of 2017?

“As consumer needs change we are seeing specialist lenders and challenger banks positively influencing the market. This is something we have responded to over the past 12 months by welcoming a diverse range of lenders and their products to panel.

“Although there is an argument to say this has happened already, I think Buy to Let lending will continue to polarise. Lenders will fit in to one of two categories, they will either be a specialist Buy to Let lender with a proposition designed for professional landlords, or an amateur landlord lender that will focus on landlords with just one or two properties.

“More lenders are also looking at the first-time buyer market and making positive changes to products and services to support people looking to take their first step onto the housing ladder. It will be interesting to see whether other lenders follow suit or even make this growing market their own.”

I hear your golfing prowess is without equal within Mortgage Intelligence. What would therefore be your ultimate golfing destination?

“My dream golfing holiday would be a tour of the United States, including legendary courses such as Pebble Beach and Augusta. But as that won’t be happening anytime soon, I think I would settle for a day trip to Scotland to play a round at the home of golf: St Andrews.”

If you could meet one celebrity in person, who would it be and why?

“Can I have a fictional character instead? In that case it would definitely be Tony Stark AKA Iron Man. He is a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist…everything I’m not.”

Favourite sporting moment?

“As a golf fan it has to be the 2012 Ryder Cup, otherwise known as the Miracle at Medinah. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

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Mortgage Intelligence Update: 60 Seconds with Senior Marketing Executive Danielle Brodie

Sharon spoke to protégé Danielle about the fantastic evolution of the adviser marketing services at Mortgage Intelligence and Next Intelligence, as well as discussing her choice of office attire…

Danielle supervises the marketing team and organises adviser marketing services and communications. She also supports live events, including workshops, webinars and our annual conference.

After graduating from Birmingham City University, Danielle worked as a Digital Content Editor and a Content Publisher before joining Mortgage Intelligence. Bringing new ideas, marketing experience and software skills to the team, Danielle’s presence has been invaluable in upgrading the marketing services in the last 12 months.

How do you feel the marketing services we provide have improved over the last year?

“The biggest thing has to be the promotional marketing materials. Not only have they transformed the offices of adviser firms, they have also changed the way advisers interact with clients and diversify potential demographics.

“Insight, our adviser magazine, has also come a long way in the last year. We have changed the design, the feel and expanded the content. This means that we not only deliver informative stories, but offer tips, advice and updates on what we can provide advisers.

“One of the most important marketing tools at the moment is the consumer newsletter service, which our appointed representatives get for free. These are really good for staying in touch with clients, as well as being great touchpoints for advisers. The take up this year has been fantastic, and many advisers have received leads straight off the back of the service.”

How have our events been received by advisers in 2017?

“We have had such amazing feedback from both sponsors and delegates on this year’s conference. This was our biggest and best yet and so many advisers appreciated the individual time we afford to them to talk to lenders, providers and other partners.

“There have been plenty of firsts for events, such as the protection and buy to let workshops, not to mention our specialist lender event in June. We are always trying to stay flexible to keep our events as useful and relevant as we can for advisers to network, learn and train.”

What do you enjoy the most about your role?

“There is a genuinely infectious culture within Mortgage Intelligence of always improving what we deliver to advisers. This starts from Sally all the way down, which means my voice is always heard if I have a suggestion as to how the marketing support can be improved even further.

“Our Sales and Marketing survey launched in May has already influenced the decisions we make and the services we provide. I enjoy that we all take pride in listening to advisers, as well as delivering what we think can provide the best possible network or club experience.”

On a more personal note, exactly how many necklaces do you own?

“I wonder why you ask that question?! Yes I do have a bit of a collection and I have to admit I lost count a long time ago. In fact, choosing which necklace to wear in the morning is one of the hardest decisions of the day!”

As one of many “foodies” in the office, what is your favourite home cooked meal?

“As a vegetarian I am always looking for new and interesting ways to cook vegetables. At the moment, I am absolutely loving baked aubergine Turkish style! But I also enjoy making a simple soup as well.”

What do you love the most about living in Bournemouth?

“As I live right in the town centre next to work, I love being able to stroll to the beach in five minutes. There are also a lot of restaurants, which means there are plenty of tasty options for fussy eaters like me!”

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Mortgage Intelligence Update: 60 Seconds with Marketing Assistant Emily Watts

Marketing Assistant Emily Watts talks about how much she has progressed since joining Mortgage Intelligence, and how proud she is to have helped transform the marketing services for advisers…

Straight off the back of her degree in Business Studies and Marketing, Emily has brought a host of new ideas and relevant skills to the company since joining Mortgage Intelligence. Emily has completely transformed and refreshed the promotional materials, creating contemporary and relevant designs for both traditional and digital advertising.

What have you found the most challenging thing about your role?

“It is a steep learning curve for any new team members who are unfamiliar with the industry. This has meant working closely with other teams such as products and especially compliance, to give me a better understanding on how to help brokers keep within the guidelines, as well as attract new clients.”

What do you find advisers currently need the most support in?

“We have found that more advisers want to reach out to clients through social media. That is why we now offer a whole new range of digital advertising. This gives potential clients an idea about how the adviser can help them find the right mortgage and protect their finances. Advisers are responding really well to the new designs and we have had plenty of orders to keep the team busy!”

What are you most proud of so far in your role?

“Apart from creating all the new promotional materials, I am proud of how much I have grown as a marketing professional in such as a short time. Working on the marketing team means delivering a range of services to advisers. This includes running webinars, updating Broker Zone, creating newsflashes, designing marketing materials and delivering guidance and support to advisers. I am very lucky to be so multi-skilled already and I am proud to be developing and accomplishing so much.”

Where would be your dream holiday destination?

“That’s a hard question! I guess for me Fiji would be top of my list. But as long as there is sun, palm trees and cocktails I am happy.”

What do you miss the most about university?

“I am ashamed to admit I miss spending the afternoon watching Gossip Girl when I should be studying.”

With so much choice of cuisine in Bournemouth, what is currently your favourite restaurant to eat at?

“That question is easier for me, it has to be Koh Thai! I have always liked Thai food, so I feel lucky to have plenty of restaurants to choose from around Bournemouth!”

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60 Seconds with…Content Marketing Executive Ross Shapland

Head of Sales and Marketing Sharon Mawby spoke to Content Marketing Executive Ross Shapland, who is officially the biggest nerd at Mortgage Intelligence … and that includes the IT department!

Ross has been with Mortgage Intelligence for nearly 5 years and worked on the Commissions Team before fulfilling his passion for content writing by joining the Marketing Team. Ross also has 5 years of previous experience within the financial industry and a degree in English Literature from the University of Southampton.

Tell us more about your role as Content Marketing Executive at Mortgage Intelligence…

“My role mainly involves coordinating our monthly publication, Insight. I also spend a lot of time researching and writing content for Insight and the consumer newsletters, which is a free marketing service we offer Appointed Representatives of Mortgage Intelligence.”

What do you enjoy most about your role?

“As I write the magazine articles along with the consumer facing articles, I enjoy the challenge of adopting different writing styles and techniques depending on the content I need to produce.”

At MI we love to celebrate the success of employees, what has been your biggest achievement at the company so far?

“I am very proud of how far Insight has come since I started working on it in 2015. It has had a complete overhaul since I moved to the marketing team. The design is now much cleaner and in line with our brand and there are more editorials and useful content to help advisers stay up to date on what is going on in the industry.”

What other beneficial marketing support does Mortgage Intelligence offer advisers?

“The Marketing Team has recently redesigned all the promotional materials content available for advisers to order, including posters, datasheets and digital materials. They are great because advisers can have them personalised with their details and company logo.”

Here at the MI head office you are well known as a film enthusiast, what is your all-time favourite film?

“It has to be There Will Be Blood! I have a lot of favourites but it’s the only non-sci-fi film to make my list. For what is essentially a historical drama, I find it genuinely enthralling.”

You are also known for some of your quirky hobbies…

“Ahh yes, I assume you are talking about my design hobbies! I have recently taken to creating my own personalised Monopoly boards and trump cards.”

And finally, as always we have to talk about food! Where is your favourite place to grab lunch in town?

“Five Guys at the moment. The crispy bacon topping on their burgers is absolutely phenomenal!”

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Our promotional materials in action!

We have created a range of promotional materials that all Mortgage Intelligence appointed representative and directly authorised advisers can order free of charge. They can be customised to include the firm’s company logo and contact details. The range includes posters, datasheets and digital materials; everything that is needed to engage customers.

See how our advisers have been using the promotional materials!

Posters and Datasheets

promotional materials in action

One of advisers has been making great use of the posters and datasheets to brighten up their office and window!

promotional materials in action

Digital Materials

Lots of our advisers have been busy sharing their new digital materials on social media.

Our promotional materials in action

The digital materials look great when scrolling through LinkedIn on a mobile.

Our promotional materials in action

If you are a member they are available for you to order!

How to order:

Any questions?

Call marketing on 0845 130 7446 (option 7) for further marketing support.

If you would like to know more about how to join our award-winning Mortgage Network as an appointed representative or becoming a member of our Mortgage Club, call our Broker Support Team on 0845 130 7446, option 1.

Mortgage Intelligence update: Protection Matters – One year on

Head of Sales and Marketing Sharon Mawby caught up with appointed representative Protection Matters, as they round up their first year as a trustworthy protection business referral service for busy brokers.

It has been a full year since Protection Matters were introduced as a referral service for advisers. Since then, Adam Perry and the team at Protection Matters have built partnerships with several adviser firms with the help of National Account Manager for Protection Craig Bryce. This has helped protect clients and provides an efficient and rewarding protection referral process for busy advisers.

This seemed the ideal time to catch up with Adam, look back at the last 12 months, and see how they have helped advisers through strong business partnerships with the client at the centre.

Just in case advisers missed it the first time, can you quickly explain how you can help them with their protection sales?

“It’s important to remember we are not a sales team, we are not trying to sell advisers anything. We only want to support them should they need a little help covering their client’s protection needs.

“All advisers naturally feel some reluctance when thinking about referring protection business. But once they meet with us we always find those objections and hesitations go away once they realise how easy, efficient, supportive and rewarding the partnership can be for them.

“In terms of the process, once terms have been agreed and sent back, we arrange a meeting as soon as possible to iron out any details and go over any issues they may have. We are very flexible and always make sure the process is smooth for them, by tailoring it to suit their business.

“We always have regular reviews to ensure we are continuing to help wherever possible. We work closely with National Account Manager for Protection Craig Bryce, as he helps answer any initial queries and acts as a recognisable buffer for any concerns.”

How do you work through these concerns with advisers?

“When considering whether to refer protection, advisers often ask: Will it damage my client relationship? Will the standard of advice be high enough? Will I lose income? It is so pleasing to see initial concerns fade away as soon as they see the standard of advice and how effective and rewarding the referral service is.

“After we have set things up they quickly see how well we look after their client and the return of income they get through by simply referring business. Some advisers have actually found that they have increased their income, in some cases more than they could have done on their own.

“For some advisers it is about more than not having time to write protection. It’s also about having the confidence to write it every day and with every client. Knowing they can refer their clients to us means they feel confident enough to bring it up early on in the client conversation. They can introduce the subject with the client straight away as they know they can hand it over to us.”

Do you have an example of how you have built partnerships with advisers?

“One of the advisers we have worked very closely with is Appointed Representative Kevin Hannan of Right Advice Mortgage Consultancy. After similar initial concerns, Kevin is now completely on board with the protection referral service and has been a model business partner in terms of making the process as smooth as possible.

“Because Kevin prepares his clients early for the referral process, they are already waiting for our call when we contact them. The client is always enthusiastic about their cover, as Kevin has already talked about the importance of protection early on in his own process. He is finding his income from referring is more than worth the time it takes to arrange a good system of referral with us.

“Kevin is just one example. We are currently working with over twice the number of advisers since we last appeared in Insight in April, which shows how much our service has grown in just the last few months.

“We now have a few “regulars” who have now fully integrated the referral process into their own client meetings. We often find the process becomes continuously quicker and smoother as we refine it, which means less time spent on referring as we go!”

How have you worked with National Account Manager for Protection Craig Bryce over the last year?

“Craig has really helped us develop a much more proactive approach, to ensure that the partnership continues after the first few referrals. Craig brings it up whenever he is with advisers and helps organise regular reviews. He also points out any dips in protection sales that we can help with.

“After all, advisers are working with us predominately because they are very busy, which puts the onus on us to ensure the process works as efficiently as possible to reduce the amount of resource they spend on it.

“Craig also encourages protection reviews with clients at key points such as remortgage discussions. By pointing out that this is the ideal time to also review protection needs with the client, he highlights our referral system as an option for advisers that may not be able to find the time.”

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MI Live October 2018 – Photo Gallery

Sharon Mawby, Head of Sales and Marketing:

“Wow. What a few days we had! Our MI Live roadshows in Wakefield, Watford and Bristol were some of the best ones yet. Again they were packed with insightful guest speaker presentations and round table discussions. But it’s you lot, members of our Network and Club, that make these events so worthwhile, so on behalf of Mortgage Intelligence I’d like to say a huge thank you to those who attended and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Hopefully we’ll see you at Conference!”


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A look back at our Buy-to-Let workshop

This year sees the return of our MI Workshops and last month we hosted our first event of 2019 – our Buy-to-Let workshop in Gatwick. Here, Head of Sales and Marketing, Sharon Mawby, gives us a run down of how it went and shares a few pictures from the day.

I was very much looking forward to the return of our workshop events. They give our brokers a detailed look at more specific topics as opposed to the mortgage and protection industry as a whole. We had a great day at Gatwick and our advisers engaged in some valuable discussions with the lenders who attended.

We had some of the UK’s biggest Buy-to-Let lenders with us. Kent Reliance, Vida Homeloans, Together, Pepper Money, and Fleet Mortgages.

I’m so pleased to say that the workshop received great feedback – 95.5% of our broker’s who attended the event were either satisfied or very satisfied with all of the masterclasses from the lenders as well as the event management.

Our team worked hard to make this as enjoyable as possible so I’m glad to see our advisers found it beneficial! Next up we have our flagship event, our Annual Conference in Twickenham Stadium, which by the way is shaping up to the biggest and best yet!

Anyway, here’s some pictures from the Buy-to-Let workshop… Enjoy!

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Conference 2019: What a day!

On March 28th we held our Annual Conference at Twickenham Stadium, and it did not disappoint! From the buzzing Exhibition Hall to Martin Bayfield’s anecdotes, it wasn’t a Conference to forget. Our Head of Sales and Marketing, Sharon Mawby, gives you a run down of what happened and shares some photos from the day!

We had such a fantastic day at our Annual Conference and I’m so pleased with how it went. Twickenham was the perfect venue and right from kick off there was a buzz of excitement with a record breaking 256 advisers attending.

The Exhibition Hall was packed with lenders and providers engaging with brokers and early feedback from our brokers has suggested the 1-2-1 meetings were incredibly worthwhile as well as the masterclass streams.

This year we decided to bring back the panel debate which was one of the highlights of the day for me. It was great to see brokers getting the chance to direct some of their questions to industry experts on some of the current hot topics.

And what about the keynote speech from Martin Bayfield? He was great, and everyone found his stories incredibly funny!

Ultimately, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who attended or helped make our Conference so special. A huge thank you to our advisers, lenders and providers, and the Mortgage Intelligence team for making it one to remember!

Take a look through the picture gallery below and see if you can spot yourself!

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